Look Up – Your Fifth Wall Awaits!

Look up at your room’s ceiling. Now look around the room. Does something seem amiss? Yes, because there most definitely is. Why do we get into the habit of painting or tiling only our walls and leave the ceiling blank? There is so much we can do for our ceilings. After all, when you lay down to sleep or just look up, don’t you think your eyes should have something attractive in front of them? Let’s explore some design ideas for your ceiling that can transform your room altogether.

You can use simple white ceramic wall tiles for the ceiling or paint it or even delve into some imaginative design ideas for the same. Glance through the options mentioned below for all you can do to make your room’s ceiling more pleasing to the eye.

1)Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles offer a huge assortment of choices for rooms with drop-ceilings. This idea is great for rooms with drop ceilings as they allow quick access to leaky pipes or damaged wiring. All you need to do is simply swap out unsightly foam tiles for glossy tiles to get a raised panel which can be left in a matte finish to help bounce your room’s light around. These tiles can even be customised with the paint colour of your choosing. This project is best suited for people with beginner DIY skills. The only tool needed to make this project happen is a utility knife to cut the end pieces of the tiles to size. Once installed, simply spray the walls and ceiling in the same shade for a major improvement.wooden tiles

2) Wooden Planks

Instead of only sticking to modern wall decor or paint shades, why not go for wooden planks? Wooden planks are the go-to product for a complete ceiling overhaul. However, this option requires you to bring in someone with a little more expertise to be able to make cuts with a chop saw, measure the planks meticulously for a proper line-up, and attach furring strips with a nail-gun. Once these wooden planks are installed, your ceiling will have a custom, stained wood ceiling.

3) Painted Stripes

Perfect for medium skilled DIY people, the painted ceiling project is an
innovative and thoughtful choice. All you have to do? Add a graphic impact to your white drywall with the help of a taped-off, painted pattern. Further, to create perfect stripes, measure 14-inch alternating stripes, and paint the same using a roller. This idea costs almost next to nothing and helps you escape the neglected drywall ceiling and add a splash of colour to your room.

Like what you see? We’ve got tons more on decor ideas for your home/office and all you can accomplish with the same.

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

Since grade one we’ve been asked to memorize the 3R’s – Reduce, reuse, and recycle. The 3R’s help one cut down on the amount of waste created and simply thrown away by people. We all learnt that the usage of the concept 3R’s in reality would help in the conservation of natural resources, landfill space, and energy. Alongside, it will also help save up on land space and money.

In the following blog, we have given our own personal twist to it and renamed them as Reuse, Recycle, and REDO! Though the underlying notion remains the same our twist tackles how the waste created can be put to great use and increase the style statement of your space.

Everyone has gone through the struggle of renovating homes and somehow even after a lot of preparation in advance, we always tend to over spend and over buy. So here are our ideas on how to Reuse, Recycle, and Redo:

– Are you a selfie lover? Then create your own DIY photography backdrop in your room using leftover / broken ceramic glazed wall tiles. It is sure to make your selfies look so much better.

glazed vitrified tiles

– Up cycle your file cabinet and give your office space an absolutely new look by using the tiles in the interiors of it. It will further help keep files and documents clean.    

– Bored of the regular photo frames in and around your house? How about you use ceramic floor tiles and paste up your Polaroid photos and prints using the best adhesive for ceramic tile? We think it is a great idea.

– Tile garden? Yes, It is one of the easiest ways to maintain a garden and will add a whole lot of colour to it. Make mosaic tile patterned plant pots and you are good to go.

– Give a new base to your morning cuppa and make use of coloured tiles as coasters.

Your house is now renovated and the pile of tiles wasted and broken have been put to good use. Best of both worlds that is how we like it!

Keeping coming back for such innovative ideas.