How To Achieve A Perfectly Tiled Bathroom

There’s no doubt that your bathroom decor is as important as all other rooms. You just can’t compromise on it not to be in sync with the style quotient your entire home decor flaunts. Its renovation may seem tedious or time consuming but the end result is always a sight to watch – pleasantly off course. Is bathroom re-modelling on your mind for a while now? Is your recent search history filled with ideas to modern bathroom designs? Is the idea of a tile makeover for your bathroom making you bend towards it?

If the answer is yes, you just hit the eyes on the right piece of information. Read on how you can achieve a perfectly tiled bathroom.

Blend Popular Trends in Your Decor
Keep your research on game point and add in trending decor styles to your bathroom decor. Bathroom tiles, highlighted shower area are some of the interior decorating trends that never go out of style and are picking up and being adopted by people in a more welcoming way.

Create a Focal Point
If you add on a lot of elements the bathroom might look flooded with a lot of highlighted sectors. So depending on your personal style and taste, create one focal point and let that be the showstopper of your bathroom.

Don’t Forget The Maintenance Factor
It is surely important to keep your bathroom trendy, but let’s not forget it’s equally important to maintain the style quotient too. So before adopting any style keep in mind all maintenance factors too. Non slip bathroom tiles are easy to clean and low on maintenance and hence a perfect fit for your bathroom.

Too Much Crowd Might Spoil The Show
Adding latest trends or modern bathroom design elements are good but too many might spoil the show. Using floor and wall tiles or tiling half the wall from the bottom, make sure you don’t adopt more than three tile patterns in your bathroom. So choose wisely and pick the best.

Here’s all you have to keep in mind to get a tiled bathroom.

Guide to Choosing Tiles That Speak To Your Personality

The charm of tiles not only lies in the enchanting patterns, finishes and styles but also in the colours you choose to deck up your walls and floors. The colour of a room defines much more than the aesthetics – it mirrors your personality and affects your mood. So, here are a few tips on how you can tile the floor and walls of a room to reflect and evoke different emotions.

Neutral Coloured Bathroom to Calm the Nerves

An all-white bathroom with mosaic tiles in light and neutral shades can elevate a small modern bathroom design. Even an arty panel in a shade like lavender, which is known to have a soothing and relaxing effect on the human mind, would significantly boost a simple bathroom. If you want to add a hint of glitz and sophistication, go for warm metallic shades, provided the rest of the bathroom space follows a neutral colour scheme. The key is to choose colours wisely for your ‘me-space’ so that you can connect better with your own self.

Quirk Up Your Kitchen Floor with Bright Hues

Use glazed ceramic tile flooring to add a splash of style to your kitchen. You will be amazed at how quickly the kitchen decor hikes up when you pick a monochromatic yellow panelling for the floor. Your pale kitchen will instantly be a cheery, happy place. To achieve a kitschy look, go for terracotta tiles. And so far as the colour psychology is concerned, yellow and rusty red ceramics would encourage appetite and increase metabolism.

Soothing Colours and Abstract Walls of Your Room

When it comes to walls, choose colours according to the mood you want to create and you are good to go. In chromo-therapy, softer shades of blue such as turquoise and cerulean have a calming effect on the mind and body. They encourage relaxation in social areas like living rooms.


Green—A Good Fit for Any Room

Green is the colour of health and tranquillity that blends the refreshing quality of blue and the joyfulness of yellow. You can also create an abstract feature wall using ceramic glazed wall tiles, carefully choosing the patterns and designs that speak to you.

Choose a colour palette symbolic of your personality and you’ll see how your mind, body and spirit responds to the colours!