Magic Of Ceramic Tiles In Your Home

Tiling adds a sense of beauty and luxury to your home.  Modern home renovation ideas talk of tiling a lot giving this interior decoration option enough attention due to continuous advancement in technology bringing innovative and futuristic designs. According to your taste and preferences, you can choose among porcelain, ceramic, vitrified and other options, colours and textures available.

Talking of ceramic tiles, these aren’t just visually appealing but sturdy and durable too. These are easy to install and guess what – easy to maintain too.  Ceramic tiles can be easily cleaned and will last longer. There are a lot of interesting ceramic tile flooring ideas you could opt for while thinking to go for this home decor option.

white ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles have an everlasting style and impact and hence they can be used in any corner of your gorgeous abode.  These can be adapted to any colour theme or any other specific theme due to the huge variety of colours, textures and options available. If classy is your style, you could pick white ceramic wall tiles and see the magic they give to wherever applied. The colour white never goes out of fashion and can be easily adapted in any corner making it beautiful from boring.

Choosing whether to go for ceramic wall tiles or floor tiles depend on your design style. You could also opt for a mix of both while planning to style your home. Floor tiles provide a strong a pretty base which could be the focal point of the room. Wall tiles on the other hand could be used as patch or boundary forming a statement to the room. A stylish ceramic wall tiled bathroom or a beautifully ceramic floor tiled patio – what’s your pick?

Let the magic of ceramic tiles rule your home.

Tiles From Around The World

In today’s world, offering a selection of popular and modern tile styles from around the world is needed to meet the vast range of tastes and styles expected by today’s discerning customer. Here in this blog, we have listed down some of the most popular tiles and ceramic tile suppliers from around the globe:

– Italy
Italy is famous and popularly known for luxury tiles and stone flooring tiles, which can help transform a bathroom ceramic tile flooring in any household. High-quality marble and travertine tiles from Italy can also be found in abundance and everywhere here. One can also find a wide range of ceramic and porcelain tiles from Italy that are absolutely gorgeous in nature. Many tiles look similar to their stone counterparts making them top the charts for a go-to buy on a budget.

Add old world charm to your home with Spanish tiles that will always make you feel that you are in the land of the churros and sunflowers! One can choose from different colours and many different intricate and elaborate designs that are complemented with varied patterns. Chocolate brown, sky blue, terracotta, and gold are commonly found colours, making walls look gorgeous and these coloured tiles are far more pocket-friendly when compared to the other wall tiles price.

Turkey is well known for natural stone tiles such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and serpentine stones look alike from Turkey that are exceptionally high quality. These stones are manufactured into beautiful luxurious tiles making your home look nothing less that a royal palace.

– South America

Tiles found in South America are beautiful for backsplashes and accents. They are similar to Spanish tiles with beautiful designs involving styles and patterns of flowers, suns, and geometry. These South-American tiles are brightly coloured, however, bright blue, yellow, white, red, and green can all be found here. So gear up and get ready to build a backsplash of your dreams involving all these beautiful hues.

Your home is a few tiles away from looking world-class! If you enjoyed reading this, then we would love to have you for more and interesting such blogs.