Create a Minimalist Garden With Tiles

If you are looking to create a place when you can be in a Zen state of mind, a minimalist garden is what you need. A space with understated colours, white floor tiles, restricted décor and strong landscape lines can be perfect for you and your family to kick back and relax.

Minimalist gardening tends to involve a restricted palette of hard landscaping materials and plants combined with a design of bold and simple lines with tile flooring. To design a classic minimalist garden you do not need professional help, but what you do need is to know a few simple rules.

Limited Materials

To achieve a clean and simple look, it is important to restrict yourself from using more than two materials. You can use stone tiles from the top ceramic tile company in India for your flooring and use timber for the flooring and decking to create a harmonious scheme.


Grass away from traditional setting

In a minimalist setting, lay grass on ground carefully prepared and leveled to create a finished lawn that almost resembles a carpet. You have to make sure that you crop the grass in clean lines and not allow it to grow freely. This can be done by installing tiles in the perimeters.


Minimalist design is about restrictions and boundaries. The use of colour within the overall design and the choice of what is used – fencing, walls or hedges is vital to creating a minimal scheme. Neutral colors are calming and is popular in ceramic tile flooring ideas for minimal design.

Limited Plant Palette

The need for plants in this style of garden needs to be minimal. Try to restrict yourself from planting more than three species. Not only will a limited palette look good, but it will also be much easier to maintain. Plants and tiles have a symmetry appeal and are perfect for minimalism in your garden.

Magic Of Ceramic Tiles In Your Home

Tiling adds a sense of beauty and luxury to your home.  Modern home renovation ideas talk of tiling a lot giving this interior decoration option enough attention due to continuous advancement in technology bringing innovative and futuristic designs. According to your taste and preferences, you can choose among porcelain, ceramic, vitrified and other options, colours and textures available.

Talking of ceramic tiles, these aren’t just visually appealing but sturdy and durable too. These are easy to install and guess what – easy to maintain too.  Ceramic tiles can be easily cleaned and will last longer. There are a lot of interesting ceramic tile flooring ideas you could opt for while thinking to go for this home decor option.

white ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles have an everlasting style and impact and hence they can be used in any corner of your gorgeous abode.  These can be adapted to any colour theme or any other specific theme due to the huge variety of colours, textures and options available. If classy is your style, you could pick white ceramic wall tiles and see the magic they give to wherever applied. The colour white never goes out of fashion and can be easily adapted in any corner making it beautiful from boring.

Choosing whether to go for ceramic wall tiles or floor tiles depend on your design style. You could also opt for a mix of both while planning to style your home. Floor tiles provide a strong a pretty base which could be the focal point of the room. Wall tiles on the other hand could be used as patch or boundary forming a statement to the room. A stylish ceramic wall tiled bathroom or a beautifully ceramic floor tiled patio – what’s your pick?

Let the magic of ceramic tiles rule your home.