Carve Out An Office In A Small Space

Whether one likes it not or not, most of us do wind up working from home from time to time. And while some of us do have the comfort and luxury of having home offices, libraries, or studies where one can get down to work whenever needed, others are lucky if they can even find enough space to fit a desk into apartments that barely fits their bed.

Architecturally-minded designers who are experts at turning cramped rooms into comfortable, functional spaces have few bits of advice as to how to carve out a workstation in a residence that has a daunting lack of square footage. Read on to find out what they have to say:

Maximise the given wall space:

Use of ceramic wall tiles along with using built-ins and bookshelves help small areas. The same also gives an opportunity to display work-related items and personal collectables, making it a strong focal point for a room.

Use furniture that works double time:

In an area that is tight in space, a desk can be used for more than just work. Try a multi-purpose desk that has a marble look tiles top and can serve both as a work surface or a vanity area to increase the functionality of the whole room.

marble look tiles

Vertical limit (less) :

When there is not enough space for a full shelving unit it is suggested to head onward and upward. This means to use and take advantage of the height of the room. This way one can maximize storage for documents, books, and other work-related goods, allowing you to utilise more of the desk space.

Forgo wires:

The matter of the fact is that we do need technology and to save up on space going wireless is the way to go! Use a piece of furniture or a nearby closet placed beautifully on a ceramic wood tile flooring to house bulky items such as printers and scanners to maintain a sleek and clean work space.

So what if working from home is a pain, at least now your workspace at home is some motivation to get up and finish that brief!

Tiles To Choose For The Office

Tiles have been utilized to decorate kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways for as long as one can recall. As this beautiful product has matured, people have started considering moving beyond using them just for contemporary bathroom ideas or living room flooring ideas and using them to beautify offices too.

When contemplating adorning your office with tiles, start by considering the type of work you do. There are several factors that need to be taken into question – the colors, patterns, and styles you find the most appealing ad comforting and so on. Moreover, you’ll want to select tiles that help you focus and set the right tone for your work style as well as your own taste. For example – soft tiles such as vinyl or linoleum are easier on the feet but others like ceramic wall tiles are more pleasing to the eye. So how should you decide?

Listed below are some options that give you an in-depth understanding of different tiles perfect for your office.

1) Go Big!

If you want a tile that helps keep those mid-work distractions away, consider choosing a big tile. The bigger the tile, the less distracting of a tile pattern to help you retain your concentration.

2) All In One Place!

You have porcelain, granite, ceramic, vinyl, and loads of other options to choose from for tiles for your office. Why not combine two or three? What we mean is, how about going for ceramics for the wall, porcelain for the floor and using vinyl for mainly decoration purposes for the wall? As these tiles come in various designs, patterns and textures, you won’t have to settle on one and you have the freedom to go all in!

3) The Carpet Tile


As more and more options in room design are constantly being generated, carpet tile is one option for the office that can never lose its charm. These tiles can be installed easily along with being eco friendly. Leading your office design with a carpet tile pattern can create the specific mood that you might want to set for your office.

Drop by again for insights into floor designs for the office, simple interior design ideas for kitchen, bedroom wall decor and so much more!