The Best Tiles For A Water Resilient Bathroom

It is crucial to be picky with tiles when selecting tiles for your bathroom. The tiles that you choose must withstand the demands of a bathroom. Other than looking great, your tiles must stand up to your daily steamy shower, your kid’s playful waves in the tub and your bath-hating pets.

Ceramic tile suppliers test coefficient of friction, moisture absorption, breaking strength, water resistance and abrasion resistance with tiles to give you the best ones for your water resilient bathroom.


Here is how you can use tiles to increase the water-resistance of you bathroom.

Floor Tiles

You bathroom floor tiles have to withstand wet conditions, frequent cleaning and barefoot traffic. Ceramic tiles are the best choice due to its durability and strong water resistance. Today, the market also offers you non-slip bathroom tiles to make sure you avoid slipping hazards.

Wall Tiles

It is obvious that a fully tiled wall will make your bathroom water resistant than having painted walls. You can also create a stunning design statement with bathroom wall tiles through patterned tiles, wood look tiles, or natural stone tiles.

Shower Tiles

Your shower area is the one place that has to adhere to wet conditions the most. With ceramic tile options your shower area will be completely resilient to water while never looking boring. Choosing a wood-look tile in this area has become quite popular for its spa-like feel while many interior designers are choosing bright colored tiles to add a pop of color.

Backsplash Tiles

To keep water damage away, a backsplash is a necessary element around the vanity space. More than just a functional element, you can use a backsplash to illuminate your vanity space by using a mosaic tile or a glass tile.

Go ahead make the most of your bathroom space!

Three Steps To Creating The Perfect Feature Wall

A pretty home is the ultimate aim of every homemaker irrespective of whether it’s a small cosy apartment or a lavish mansion. Don’t we all just love improvising, decorating and bringing innovation in the way we style our home?  Making its name in the trends of interior decor is the trend of creating a feature wall.  A feature wall helps you customize your decor by creating your own personal space to experiment with creativity. It’s not just about having one out of all the walls of your room painted in a different colour, but giving it a different look altogether. Creating a feature wall with tiles is a way of giving your room a chic makeover.

Here’s how you can do so:

Tiles do the job well: To opt for vitrified tiles or to go for glossy wall tiles completely depends on how you want to style your abode.  You could go for a single colour or select a part of the wall to highlight with mosaic tiles to give a break.

Paint it a different hue: Colour is another thing one could experiment with. Decking all walls with a light colour and giving the tile feature wall a bold colour would serve the purpose well. The area in which you want to create the feature wall depends on the feasibility as well as choice. It’s a trend that can be easily adapted to any room and size from a huge living room to a small modern bathroom design.


Bathroom is sure go: Bathroom is an area where tile feature walls are very popular. You can easily change its look with bathroom wall tiles choosing from the colours, textures and materials available. Add warmth to it by decorating it with wood like tiles or an elegant and classy look by using white hued tiles.

Think no more and amplify the beauty of your home with a feature wall soon.