Pick The Right Tile For Your Renovation Marathon

When planning a renovation for home, tile is one of the major considerations. Choosing among the hundreds of colours, shapes, and sizes can be really intimidating and then one also has to keep in mind the home’s resale value. This, in turn, makes homeowners go for basic neutrals all over the house.

Maintenance and finding a look that would not go out of style are big factors that need to be kept in mind. But, after so much thought the end result is worth the search – giving walls a distinct personality through texture, colour, and pattern. Anywhere you apply decorative materials; a mood can be created.polished vitrified tiles

Read on to find out tips on how tiles can give any plain surface a charming and delightful touch:

– Tiles can be useful for tricking the eye and making an area look and feel bigger. Go for a linear plank-style tile that can give a room the appearance of greater height or length. Try using linear bathroom tiles for an illusion of a bigger area.

– Use of natural stone conveys a sense of serenity and usage of glass imparts a glamorous feel. So pick what fits your bill!

Glazed vitrified tiles or polished vitrified tiles along with porcelain can withstand the rigours of foot traffic in a myriad of patterns and colours. Choose these tiles for areas such as the kitchen, hallways and entryways.

– A richly textured tile can give any surface an air of sophistication, such as a repeating chevron or mosaic pattern of tiles on the floor can give a feeling of movement. This works great for the living room.

– Opt for black coloured tiles that are dramatic in nature and have a really good foundation, mixing it with a lighter coloured tile to help maintain a balance for a strong effect. Try this for your powder room!

Materials Perfect For Your Kitchen Backsplash

We’ve talked about backsplashes here before and how they’re more than an ideal choice for your kitchen. Now these backsplashes can comprise of your classic ceramic glazed wall tiles, or you could go forward with a range of varied trendy materials that make gorgeous backsplashes.

From the traditional tile to trendy glass – and rustic wood to shiny metal – there seems to be no end to the options available for kitchen backplashes today. Though new materials have been going through the rotation, tile is still the most popular backsplash material, with natural stone qualifying as a fast growing second. But if you invest in services provided by the right installer, you can make just about any material work.

Let’s see what’s in store today!

1) Salvaged Materials – Boat Wood

Acting as foil to shimmering stainless steel, a mosaic tile backsplash that is fashioned from antique boat wood is the personification of everything chic yet conventional. The great thing about boat wood is that you will require no adhesive for vinyl plank flooring when it comes to maintaining your backsplash as boat wood is completely impervious to moisture and isn’t prone to grout, hence delivering you form requiring a sealant for the same whatsoever.

2) Paper – Marble + Wallpaper

Leave patio or bathroom renovation ideas behind, the kitchen deserves to look equally gorgeous and requires as much attention! Your white kitchen doesn’t have to be all white. A gleaming white backsplash in your kitchen gives way for you to make your fanciful flora wallpaper the star.

3) Reflective Finish: MIRRORS!


Mirror, Mirror on the wall – the mirrored backsplash might be the fairest of them all. A popular choice among many homeowners, this one is also a personal favourite. Best suited for small and functional kitchens, this material allows your kitchen space to feel larger. Want to go for the whole transformation? Pair this idea with bright white marble countertops for a sleek finish.

Life’s full of difficult choices. Kitchen renovation shouldn’t be one of them. Come back to read more on trendy materials to use for different tile designs!