Top Bathroom Tile Trends Of 2017

Tile is the staple decor item that takes on new, modern shapes and styles. Tiles have the potential to create the ambience of a room by conveying the essence of your taste paired with modern design. This year is seeing a variety of new tile trends that cater to just about every design requirement – from clean and minimal to flashy and bold.

Scroll down for new tile design trends that will inspire your next bathroom innovation and keep you coming back for more.

Brick By Brick

Gone are the days of blending tiled floors into the background of a room. In 2017, you will see the emergence of patterned bathroom tiles. Patterned tiles like brick and mosaic are reflective of this year’s renewed focus on artisanship and craftsmanship.


Honeycomb Tiles

If 2017 could be a shape; it might just be the honeycomb. Designers today are getting geometric with the honeycomb tiles appearing in tiled flooring and walls. A bathroom with honeycomb gloss floor tiles in shades of grey with navy borders delivers a luxurious experience.

Colour Never Gets Old

Patterned tile isn’t the only element that builds up your bathroom’s modern and eclectic factor. Piecing together intricate designs using a variety of geometric and colourful tiles can have a powerful influence. Mixing various kinds of tiles together gives you the flexibility to get what you imagined when you were daydreaming about a renewed, chic bathroom. Not only that – different shapes and colours will add a little more mystery to your space.

Espresso Tones

Though colour will be trending this year, so will earthier tones like chocolate brown that present a sound option for those who prefer a more neutral palette. Deep brown vitrified tiles will add dimension to your neutral bathroom – giving it a sleek and clean look.

The Long-Narrow Tile

If the honeycomb tile is any evidence, this year will see more and more of atypical tile shapes. In place of the classic subway tile, 2017 seems to be welcoming long, narrow tiles for the bathroom with open arms. This idea is a sleek alternative for subway tiles too!

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How To Achieve A Perfectly Tiled Bathroom

There’s no doubt that your bathroom decor is as important as all other rooms. You just can’t compromise on it not to be in sync with the style quotient your entire home decor flaunts. Its renovation may seem tedious or time consuming but the end result is always a sight to watch – pleasantly off course. Is bathroom re-modelling on your mind for a while now? Is your recent search history filled with ideas to modern bathroom designs? Is the idea of a tile makeover for your bathroom making you bend towards it?

If the answer is yes, you just hit the eyes on the right piece of information. Read on how you can achieve a perfectly tiled bathroom.

Blend Popular Trends in Your Decor
Keep your research on game point and add in trending decor styles to your bathroom decor. Bathroom tiles, highlighted shower area are some of the interior decorating trends that never go out of style and are picking up and being adopted by people in a more welcoming way.

Create a Focal Point
If you add on a lot of elements the bathroom might look flooded with a lot of highlighted sectors. So depending on your personal style and taste, create one focal point and let that be the showstopper of your bathroom.

Don’t Forget The Maintenance Factor
It is surely important to keep your bathroom trendy, but let’s not forget it’s equally important to maintain the style quotient too. So before adopting any style keep in mind all maintenance factors too. Non slip bathroom tiles are easy to clean and low on maintenance and hence a perfect fit for your bathroom.

Too Much Crowd Might Spoil The Show
Adding latest trends or modern bathroom design elements are good but too many might spoil the show. Using floor and wall tiles or tiling half the wall from the bottom, make sure you don’t adopt more than three tile patterns in your bathroom. So choose wisely and pick the best.

Here’s all you have to keep in mind to get a tiled bathroom.