Bathroom Makeover Tips

If the idea of a bathroom makeover leaves you at a standstill because you are limited by a small space in your bathroom, then it’s high time you got creative with it! Read on to find out more:

Opt for large and light coloured tiles

One of the easiest ways to make a small bathroom feel larger is to pick on the right flooring! Tiles are a great choice because there are so options to choose from, be it in colours, sizes, or varieties. This makes it super easy to find a combination that conveys your personality and complements your bathroom fixtures.

For a small space, you can go for bathroom ceramic tile flooring in a light neutral coloured tile that will help the room look larger than that it is. The larger the tile, the more open space will seem to appear. Tiles bigger and larger in size tend to trick the eye into thinking that the overall space is bigger. Play up with various shades and tints of one colour to add on visual interest and depth to the bathroom.


Lighten up the walls

Once the flooring is sorted and selected, think about brightening up the walls with a light coloured paint, bathroom wall tiles, or an interesting looking backsplash. Light shades such as tones of grey are not only popular, but they can also provide a supremely calming and soothing atmosphere. If grey is not your go to colour then consider pale sea glass hues or monochromatic tones throughout that will also help the space look bigger and brighter.

Another option that you can opt for is going with tiles from floor continued to the ceiling, which really opens up the room and gives it character and a whole lot of depth making it look and feel bigger.

Simplify the fixtures

Consider replacing your vanity in the bathroom with a pedestal sink. These are smaller at the base and have a more streamlined and aligned look. Another option integrates the fixtures directly into the wall using a slim and modern sink design. A freestanding bathtub on your bathroom floor tiles is also a good alternative to an existing built-in-tub. This will help free up space and will look beautiful sitting on the tile floor.   

One final way to spruce up your small bathroom is to place an oversize statement mirror with a vintage frame above the sink. A big mirror placed on a beautiful tiles wall will catch the light and even make the room look pretty and wide.

Don’t feel limited and hesitant by a small bathroom. With a little imagination and the right products, along with right exposure, – your quick bathroom makeover can bring luxury and function to your small space.

Inspired Tiled Entryway Ideas

You can make a lasting impression on every visitor by employing the right entryway ideas. This area can help you show off your home’s style quotient and set the tone for your home’s aesthetic. Therefore, it’s important to think beyond Indian bathroom designs and come up with a tile design idea you love. Think of the entrance to your space as the doorway to your personal world by considering one of the ideas listed below to make it the highlight feature of your home.

Marble Leads The Way

Many historic designs, including the Victorian style, are all about keeping it classic with timeless designs and elegance. Marble tile or tile that resembles marble has the versatility as well as polished shine of porcelain that looks amazing when used for the entryway. It features veins of colour that create unique patterns. This idea looks great on its own but you always have the liberty to add a medallion to it in order to create a focal point.

Flagstone Follows After

Digital wall tiles or even ceramics might seem like a good option for the entryway but nothing makes a stronger impression than the natural slate stone. Featuring mainly in the French countryside, farmhouses and Mediterranean homes, the soil and water proportion in this tile gives it great shades of brown, gold, pink, and blue. A classic pattern accomplished with flagstone tile can be the perfect addition to the rustic element of your home’s entryway.

Keeping Up With Traditional Travertine

If you’re looking to make an impact with tile while simultaneously achieving a timeless look, consider travertine. Especially suited for homes that are designed keeping traditional aesthetics in mind, travertine is a conventional yet trendy material that comes in a number of patterns. Whether you go with a grid pattern, an asymmetrical pattern, or a diamond pattern, you’ll end up with a look that can never really lose its charm.

Getting Creative With Mosaic

You can now use mosaic for something other than your bathroom ceramic tile flooring by allowing life and colour to your home’s entryway with the use of glass mosaic tiles. These tiles create an interesting, lively pattern that can spruce up any entryway whatsoever. This material is the most preferred as well as suggested material to use within art and gothic inspired home designs. 


It’s important to set the stage for your space by making a statement with its entryway designs. Fortunately, tile is a versatile material that can help you succeed in this arena. Drop by again for more innovative ideas!