Bathroom Now Cleaner & Bigger

We hear you loud and clear! The bathroom space is one of the most important places in a house and also one of the most difficult to maintain. In this blog, we have got you covered in terms of how to get more mileage out of your efforts and help this high traffic room stay fresh longer and look bigger!

Microfiber mop: 

A microfiber mop is an excellent tool for cleaning ceramic floor tiles and can also be used to reach any high up tiling on the ceiling without straining your arms.  

Stop moisture in its tracks: 

Nothing helps delay mildew stains like a dry shower. On the showerhead hand a squeegee over there and make it a mandate that the last one to take a shower wiped down the walls, tub, and shower doors. A couple extra minutes of work can minimise cleaning time in a long run.

Steam cleaning:  

It is a fact that a steam cleaner can be used on various surfaces in your house on materials from carpets to ceramics to glass floor tiles. It can successfully help remove built-up dirt, hence making it an easy-peasy job. You need to own one now!


Skip the bar soap at the sink:

Use a liquid soap with a pump or a hands-free soap dispenser instead. Eliminating the grimy soap dish that we trapped in at all times. This will help the sink and the countertop stay cleaner and look nicer to the eye.

Bigger and brighter space: 

Living in a time and age wherein compact bathroom designs are popular, usage of white tiles and translucent shower cells will not only help the area look bigger and brighter but will also be supremely easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness.

Tell us what is your trick to keeping your bathroom clean and how do you create an illusion for a bigger space?

Colorful Tiles To Splash In Your Bathroom

Colorful tiles have a sweet intensity that adds something special to a bathroom. Home designers have used these tiles in contemporary bathroom ideas in several ways. From a few small areas with a subtle color to a full-fat version with dramatic colors, you can do absolutely anything with colored tiles.

Today’s Indian bathroom designs have shifted from traditional design layout with a single tile to use colorful tiles that add personality to the bathroom. Here are four ways of incorporating these tiles to your bathroom colourscheme:


It’s important to use a vibrant, dramatic color sparingly to make a statement. The rule here is to install these tiles on one wall only. You can tile your wall behind the bath, inside an enclosed shower or behind your vanity space. By doing so, even the brightest and most dramatic color doesn’t become overwhelming.

Mosaicsmosaics tiles

Mosaics have a depth of color that adds intensity to any scheme. Install these tiles from the floor to your ceiling in your enclosed shower and keep everything else simple similar to making a statement. Many home designers install these tiles on backsplashes behind the vanity space so you can admire them more while washing your face.

Boring to Bright

Bring brightness to one of your bathroom wall with a window by installing a sunny yellow coloured tile. Yellow is the perfect color to add a cheerful energy to your bathroom. You can also install this coloured tile to separate zones and splash more cheer around your bathroom.


Colourful patterned tiles come in various styles and shades by ceramic tile flooring bathroom manufacturers. You can create separate zones with these busier tiles and draw attention to those areas. Install these tiles on your entire floor with focus from the floor to the ceiling in those areas where you want your eye to catch.