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Spruce Up Your Bathroom Today!

As we are all well aware, the world is full of innumerable tile trends. We are here to help you spruce up your space and humbly educate you on the best tile trends around. Let’s move beyond the usual – living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens and pay attention to the one nook that requires most supervision. As we’ve said before, your bathroom is the first place you enter in the morning and how it looks can determine how you’re going to feel the entire day. Let’s make sure that all you feel daylong is fresh and ready to take on anything by going for tile trends that work best with your space.

Today, we will talk about some ideas for compact bathroom designs that are sure to transform your bathroom into your favourite spot of the house! So what are you waiting for? DIVE IN!

1) Make Good Use Of The Squares

Bathrooms tend to be one of the most overlooked rooms in any space but just because you’re working with a small space doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot make a huge impact with polished glazed vitrified tiles. The best way to do that is by utilizing every square foot of your space, including the floor and walls. These floor and glossy wall tiles act as the perfect tool to customize every square inches of your bathroom. Fill it up! And get ready to marvel at the beauty before you.

glossy wall tiles

2) The Eclectic Way

Try going for an eclectic tile floor, which will prove that black and white accents don’t have to be simple to be effective. We are especially fans of the super simple, clean white tile walls displayed in conjunction with black patterns and a black lacquered bathtub to accompany this idea.

3) Intricate Smaller Patterns

If you have a complicated floor pattern and are looking for a way to keep it from looking busy, we would suggest a smaller tile pattern. Additionally, use mirrored furniture to make your space look even bigger.

Keep on coming back for more information on how to kick up the style quotient of your space.

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