Entryway Ideas That Will Stun Your Guests

The entryway is the first look of the interior your home that guests see. Many people don’t think much about the flooring options for their entryway because it is robbed away by living room flooring ideas.


But with the right entryway ideas, you can make a lasting impression on every person who comes to your door. This area can help set the tone for your home and it is crucial that you give much thought to the design of it. Think of the entrance to your home as the doorway to your own world and use ceramic tile flooring installation to your advantage so you can implement your style and taste accordingly.

Here are 5 ideas for tile entryway that you can get inspired from.

Marble for Elegance

If you love Victorian interior design, you can opt for marble look tiles that have the same qualities of marble slabs. With marble tiles you can choose the veining that you love and create a symmetric design for the floor of your entrance.

Flagstone Fashion

A natural slate stone makes a strong impression when incorporating French country and Mediterranean- style décor styles. Stone tiles can bring the element of nature into your home and create a more welcoming atmosphere for the space.

Gorgeous Grains

For a classic home with a colonial or bungalow style decor, you can install wood look tiles that offer a timeless and rustic look. These tile designs imitate the real feeling and come in an array of different colors and grains.

Traditional Travertine

A classic choice, travertine tiles are traditional yet trendy and can be laid out in a number of patterns. For people who love geometric patterns, you have the choice of experimenting with different shapes like diamond, circle or grid.

Mosaic Creativity

To make your entryway lively and colorful you should definitely install mosaic tiles. Colorful patterns and designs that come from different cultures of the world will definitely leave your guests in awe.

Rock Your Bathroom Decor With Digital Wall Tiles

Bathrooms can make a style statement when styled the right way. With the advancement in technology and design, digital wall tiles for the bathroom are ruling the decor trend for bathrooms. Who doesn’t want to be up to date with the latest trends- be it decor or fashion? Digital wall tiles give your bathroom a complete new look, and are having quite the moment in modern interior design bathroom. Ceramic tiles, the most popular bathroom floor tiles option in comparison to vitrified tiles, porcelain or natural stone-like marble, offers you multiple benefits.


Here’s how designer digital wall tiles transform your bathroom decor.

Recent trend idea
When it comes to modern wall decor for bathrooms, in recent times the trend of having a feature wall is picking pace. Stylish and elegant feature walls have an outstanding quality that makes a bathroom design come to life. These have a decorative appeal and work superbly as a part of modern bathroom. So, let a feature wall be the showstopper of your bathroom.

What do they have to offer?
Digital ceramic wall tiles offer benefits like durability, affordability, wide-range and quality. Moreover, low water absorption, resistance to water, stain moisture and household chemicals make them an ideal choice for bathroom wall tiles and flooring.

A plethora of choice
With huge variety in colours, textures, and prints you can style your bathroom according to your taste and preferences. So, you can own opt for modern interior design bathroom and let digital wall tiles be a part of it.

Key features
They are hygienic and easy to clean, moisture resistance, stain, fire and water proof, fade resistance, long lasting and cost effective.  Hence, bathroom being an area where cleanliness & water resistance are key necessities digital wall tiles are just the right fit.

So, here are all you need to know how digital wall tiles are ideal for your bathroom.