Stylish Bathroom Makeover

Your bathroom is the place where you spend your maximum personal time. Keeping it decked up gives you a nice feeling and makes the atmosphere good. Bored out of your bathroom’s look? Thinking of giving your bathroom a stylish bathroom? Dare to differ and opt for some interesting bathroom renovation ideas below:-

– The easiest and most inexpensive change is to change or add shower curtains to your bathroom. Shower curtains add colour and a sense of style and life to a lifeless space. It spruces up an uninteresting area into an appealing one without much effort.

– Go elaborate and choose protection with beauty by styling your bathroom with non slip bathroom tiles. Save yourself from bathroom slips along with beautifying your floors. Choose contrasting colours or go for uniformity picking a same overall look for your bathroom.

bathroom ceramic tile

Create a small corner with shelves or storage boxes creating additional storage space. Hanging baskets could help you hide what’s hideous not compromising with your bathroom decor. So it’s surely a plus stocking on some toiletries and making the decor even more appealing.

– Sprucing up your shower cabinet with patterned or plain tiles figure highly in the list of bathroom floor tiles ideas. It beautifies your shower cell making it pretty and enhancing the overall bathroom decor. So make your shower cell the highlight of your bathroom – an unnoticeable focal point whose presence couldn’t be ignored at all.

So if bathroom remodelling has been on your mind for a while, it’s time you put the thought to action by considering the above points. It does depend on how much do you want to change and the budget.  Some bathroom makeover ideas include going through various bathroom floor tiles ideas, bathroom wall tiles ideas, bathroom tubs styling ideas and more.

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You may be of the opinion that bathroom serves a functional purpose, and as long as it gets a regular cleaning and the faucets aren’t leaky this area of the house is taken care of. But let’s face it, this is the only place at home where you can have your private time, that as soon as you lock the door you are on a much deserved break. This connection you have with your bathroom is why modern bathroom designs guarantee that your private oasis relaxes your mind and body.

Whether you use glazed vitrified tiles (the classic option) or choose the dimensional tiles, with the ideas mentioned below, your bathroom makeover is sorted:

1) The Floating Vanity

A trend that has been prevalent in Europe for many years and is finally starting to make its way to the rest of the world is the floating vanity. A  floating vanity creates a clean, transitional look that many homeowners want in their homes today. In order to make the area around the vanity pop with colour, you can cover the wall behind the vanity in tiles of different colours.

2) The Dimensional Tile

Move beyond glossy wall tiles or digital wall tiles for your bathroom and try opting for dimensional tiles for your bathroom. Whether in porcelain, natural marble or stone, these fantastic tiles bring drama and style into the bathroom. If you’re on a limited budget, try using these tiles in the shower or as a mirror frame above the vanity.

glossy wall tiles

3) Freestanding Tubs!

The freestanding tub has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years and for good reason. Surrounded by marble, stone, ceramic tile or polished vitrified tiles, the tub surrounded by tiles will draw in a space-saving and elegant element to your bathroom.

4) The Natural Wood Tile

While accents of gray and neutral shades are popular amongst bathroom design ideas, many homeowners crave the organic and warm feel that wood-like tiles add to a place. These tiles can kick start any bathroom design and add a great texture to complement the smooth white painted walls of your bathroom.