Unique Ways To Use Tiles in Kitchen

Not only does your kitchen floor require tiles but you can incorporate tiles to play around with a lot of places in the cooking mecca itself such as into your walls using kitchen wall tiles, backsplash, kitchen-top, or by adding an artistic accent by playing around with tiles. Using tiles interestingly and wisely can really make space look beautiful and uniquely yours.

Read on to find some creative ways to use tiles wisely:

Tile the walls from top to bottom: 

Colouring the walls is passe, just go for marble look tiles and think outside the box! At this point in time, the market has a plethora of options to choose from, be it in shades, sizes or types, and such varied styles are sure to give your kitchen walls a whole lot of texture and depth.

Trending look for a kitchen space lately has been the rustic look. Consider a natural stone product as they exude the feeling of a quaint country inn. Complement the stonewalls with stainless steel appliances to give your kitchen a modern and eclectic feel.



Opt for a unique backsplash

One of the simple ways to make your kitchen welcoming and appealing to the eye and guests is to incorporate a tile backsplash. Glazed vitrified tiles work well, because in addition to protecting your walls the use of a backsplash will give you the opportunity to incorporate interesting shapes, colours, and textures into your most used space in the house.

Add personality to your island

You can get your creative ideas flowing and tile the sides or front of your island. This is an excellent way to add some character to your dining space. You can do a little match-match with the tile on your island by using the same pattern on your backsplash, or you can go for something different and offbeat by adding a pop of colour and your personality to your kitchen. Whether the tile you choose for your island is rustic and textured or smooth and contemporary, it will give add more warmth to your kitchen space.

Tips For Outdoor Tiles

A lot of attention is paid to the inside of the house. Ample amount of time is dedicated on the Internet, reading magazines and consulting people but when it comes to the outdoor of the house, not so much attention is paid. Today we will provide tips that one can keep in mind while considering tiles for outdoor.


Whether the shed in the garden needs an overhaul or your poolside deck needs a bit of charm, outdoor tile such as ceramic floor tiles are the perfect material to uplift and enhance the patio along with the backyard. And regardless of the project in front of you, it’s comparatively simple to find the perfect tile to achieve your design goals.

Read on to find the factors that one needs to consider when the time comes to choose tiles for your next outdoor project.

Consider Natural Stones

Natural materials such as limestone over designer floor tiles look great in their natural, outdoor environment, which makes absolute sense. Consider using these types of tiles when creating a pathway to your garden or refreshing your patio. Selecting natural outdoor tile will authenticate your space and give your guests the feeling of an outdoor wonderland. Play a little match-match and put your design skills to the test by matching the colour of the tile you choose for the flooring with complementary pieces such as furniture and swings within your landscaping or home’s exterior features and a bit of your personality.


Lighten Up (Or Tone Down) the Area

Study your outdoor space will before installing the tiles. Do some research on when and how much sunlight the area receives. Which side of the area receives more and which side less, and accordingly chart out a plan for laying down a tile pattern. The area receiving less sunlight should have darker toned tiles whereas area receiving more should have lighter toned tiles.  Lighter colours help brighten up space and hence your area will look evenly lit.

Working with the light that you already have is a great way to choose your new outdoor tile. You can even consider tiling the surrounding walls with ceramic wall tiles to give out an even and symmetrical look.

With these points in mind while re-doing your outdoors will help you spend you summer days well!