6 Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Sense Bigger

Trying to make everything fit in a small bathroom with the limited space available is like trying to solve a crossword puzzle. The challenges that come with it are configuring the sink to toilet code, allowing enough clearance for a shower and making sure you have enough space to place or hang your utilities. With these challenges do not feel defeated as you can use your imagination and get experimental with compact bathroom designs.  Here are six tips listed to give you a helping hand.

One shelf vanity – Pedestal design has gotten smarter. You can store your laundry basket, toilet paper, hand towels and other utilities all on a pedestal style shelf under your vanity space.

Trough sink – Installing a narrow, clean style trough sink is a good-looking space solution. They can be mounted on a wall, which will free up floor space as well as storage space under.

Shower door with towel bar – Having that one towel close by to dry off is essential. Wheceramic1n your space is limited, mounting a towel bar on the shower door is effective and comes in handy.

Mirror effect – Stretching a mirror across the wall to the ceiling creates an illusion and makes the bathroom feel larger. In the most tightest spaces, every inch counts

Pattern Tiles – A large-scale pattern that can be achieved with tiles can trick the eye into seeing expanded space. Glazed ceramic tile flooring adds a more expensive look to this.

Natural light – For the interior design bathroom space to look less compact natural light is essential. Every window counts, rather than closing them for privacy install textured glass for more constructive solution.

Serenity and Relaxation Combined

The exterior surrounding your space is often viewed as the extension of your indoor living space. Whether the exterior is made comprising of stone, brick or concrete, the paved area is often viewed as a location good enough to socialize in especially when there is a grill or a fire pit to go with it. All that is needed is to throw in a dining set and some modern wall decor to go on the walls of the exterior of your space and your patio can be just one step away from becoming your next favourite eating spot.pvt

There are some lovely home furnishing ideas out there that can help bring out the accented tones of your polished vitrified tiles. Some of them are right here. Read on to find out some decor ideas that will simply blow you away.

1) Feel The Sun

Perfect for an afternoon with clear skies above and a gentle breeze running through your hair, full of lawn games and relaxation lays a great décor idea for your patio. Lounging amongst an assortment of decorative pillows and floor cushions that are made using durable fabrics with an awning above makes for a gorgeous afternoon offering you the right amount of protection from the sun without blocking your view.

2) Modern Patio Deck

For a contemporary energy to accompany your patio, adorning your patio walls with fair lights and a counter with arcing curves is one of the most popular ideas going around these days. Try it out! Might do wonders for your space.

3) Stay Classy, Go Minimal

Stay in the chic zone by realizing the magnetic powers of simplicity and go minimalistic with your patio design by sticking to the colour white for your armchairs.

Pour that drink after that exhausting day at work and go outside. Pleasantries await you!