3 Must Read Tiling Tips For 2017

Is your inbox flooded with home designs ideas, tips, and tiling methods? We bet you are ahead of times already but in this blog, we pick out 3 trendy tiling tips that must absolutely be in your knowledge.

Keeping up with trends can be difficult, but if you follow these 3 stated timeless tips, you will be sorted with tile decor.

Be Authentic

Being true to you is always a good idea! If white floor tiles are your way to be in the house, then go for it. This concept is just as important to design as it is to life in real. Do not follow a trend just because everyone is doing so, follow only if it allows your taste and suits your space.


As it happens, authenticity is one of 2017’s biggest design trends too. Handmade and authenticity is ‘in’ and everyone is going for it. This notion perfectly fits right in with any style from rustic to eclectic.

Be Playful

While on one hand playing safe will keep you out of trouble and problems, it is true that it really does get boring very quickly too. Even a little fun here and there in your floor tile design can change the whole perspective and look of your home. The same stays true for design.

Neutrals are well and good, but a pop of colour, texture or an unexpected element such as a modern art painting can wake up the space well!

Go all out and be playful, go ahead and mismatch designs, styles, and objects until you find a combination that makes you happy. Creativity will make your decor one of a kind.

Be Confident

If you believe in yourself, then you can pull off just about anything! Do not rely on other people such as interior designers, decorators, etc. to tell you what’s in or what’s out. If you like it then just go for it.

Luckily for you, 2017 is all about embracing more and more colour. Pantone colour of the year is greenery and so green is making a major comeback and it goes really well with wood tile flooring along with bold blues, and much less neural is the order of the day. There are umpteen numbers of ways to incorporate great colour in our design without making it feel overdone or overwhelming. A feature wall, decor accent or a piece of furniture will do the trick.

Make a note: The best colour is the one that makes you feel at home!

Glass And Subway Tiles Are The New

For as long as anyone can remember, we have been hearing about the rave that is tile backsplash. Now, these backsplashes can be used for the kitchen, bathroom, and even patio of your home. Backsplashes in general feature design trends achieved using glass and subway tiles. Explore backsplash designs using glass and subway tiles to go hand in hand with contemporary bathroom ideas, kitchen tile design ideas etc.

The great thing about these design choices is that they deliver great results for contemporary and Indian bathroom designs alike, making them a feasible and flexible option.

Read on to discover a few twists on conventional ideas and add some spark to your space!

The Elongated Tile Design

A more modern take on subway tiles is an elongated design achieved with tiles that are three times as high as they are long. These tiles are popular for kitchens with contemporary elements, whether they are in white or a bold colour like yellow. The same design idea can be implemented using glass tiles or ceramic wall tiles too!

Parquet Patterns

If a classic subway or glass tile installation isn’t for you, you might find it fun to consider going for random design patterns that will emphasise the unique aesthetic of your kitchen. These patterns include parquet, herringbone and many more. The parquet design is best suited for a modern kitchen.


White Cabinetry & Glass Tiles

One wonderful example of a kitchen style that would pair well with a glass tile backsplash is using white cabinetry paired with gray and white granite countertop.

Changing Grout Colour

Subway tile backsplashes can also be made interesting by switching up the colour of tile grout. Black, gray and tan are popular alternatives to the traditional white.

Backsplashes allow for a classic design option along with an array of designs for a contemporary look. This is one design choice that can never really go out of style as it satisfies a traditional aesthetic as well as a clean and minimal one.

The world of tiles is filled with innovative ideas. Do drop by again for more information on which tiles work best for different spaces of your home or office.