Go Green!

Greenery is the Pantone colour of the year 2017! How about you incorporate the essence and feel of the same in your bathroom?

Though it can be included in your home décor in many ways, we are trying out building a feature wall in similar shades. A feature wall is a chosen wall in a particular space wherein certain distinct features are showcased, adding interest and energy in any given room. It is one of the best ways to add your own distinct personality and style. One can decide and choose patterns over colours, design over style, and allow the feature wall to talk about who you are! It will help instantly add a touch of colour and texture that will completely transform the bathroom area. But make sure you are mindful of the size of your room, as sometimes less is more!

green floor tiles

Use of vibrant hues and exciting patterns, combined with abundant greenery can breathe an absolutely new life into just about any space. A bathroom space is the best area to experiment with botanical colours. Design a gorgeous feature wall using polished vitrified tiles that is in beautiful hues of greens cut into varying hexagon shapes and sizes. The high gloss of these tiles will help make the room feel much larger that it actually is.

Add a contrasting colour to the botanical coloured bathroom using ceramic wood tile flooring that will add instant warmth and shall be ideal to the whole look and feel of the area. With so much going around the space it is suggested that you build your shower cell in basic neutral colours using ceramic wall tiles in the bathroom.

Your bathroom space is just few steps away from looking all trendy and spacious! We hope to have you back for more trends and ideas.

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