Stone Tiles For Your Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes are no longer just an element in simple interior design ideas for kitchen to protect walls from spills and splatters. Adding a kitchen backsplash can enhance the look of your kitchen instantly.

A wide array of materials and styles are available to choose from to add a signature look to your kitchen in the top ceramic tile company in India. But we’re going to show you how you can never go wrong with a stone tile backsplash. This neutral and universal material can fit into your kitchen and add an earthy element to its decor.

Here are three ideas to give you some inspiration to move from the simple white ceramic wall tiles and add stone tiles for the design of your new backsplash.

Limestone Tiles

Many interior designers and homeowners are now opting for limestone for its luxurious look. The light hues of this tile are popularly paired with stainless steel. You can also add the tiles in a basket weave design pattern to make it more attractive. This design pattern gives a high-end look when a soft textured limestone tile is installed in the countertop.


Slate Tiles

One of the most under estimated materials are slate tiles. It has a distinctive look that works in both traditional and contemporary kitchen styles. You can see these tiles in country-style kitchens where many designers add a sleek style to it.  One way of laying out a slate tile backsplash design is to stack it in shades of brown, taupe and grey, which can be paired with a beige tile countertop. 

Travertine Tiles

A traditional material that can still hold its own in a more contemporary kitchen, travertine tiles have an elegant look for any kitchen backsplash. With travertine tiles you can create an almost seamless transition from your backsplash to your kitchen countertop. This will help create an interesting visual in your kitchen design.

Outdoor Patio Designs with Tiles You’ll Love

Just like tiles for indoors, outdoor tiles come in a dizzying array of textures, colours, materials and styles. However, tiles used outdoors need to be strong, durable, and hard enough to withstand natural elements like snow, extreme heat, rain or heavy use. These factors are important to consider as they allow your space to be both attractive and functional.

Some tiles fair better in different temperatures and conditions than others, so be wise to take your time and be informed about which tile design ideas bode well for you.

We thought of listing down a few tile design ideas using polished glazed vitrified tiles and more to further your patio overhaul agenda.

Let’s begin!

Ocean-Inspired Fountains

Use a pop of saturated blue 30 x 30 cm glossy tiles surrounded by some greenery to keep your outdoor patio space cool and tropical. Recycling a little water through a tiled fountain creates the illusion of affluence and provides a pleasant meditative quality of water to the backyard patio space.


Classic Style Pavers

Installing tiled pavers is a classic option for an outdoor patio tile design. The best part about this idea is that these pavers minimize the requirement of watering. A beautiful retaining wall helps keep the moisture where you want it to stay while allowing for a canvas that sports a vibrant tile mosaic.

Herringbone Floors

A classic herringbone floor may be the go-to idea for the indoor but you can also bring this look outdoors for a patio-dining area. For best results, choose a material such as brick for the walls that will stand up to the wear and tear of the outdoors.

Bright Outdoors Showers

Water conservation now is all about doing more with less. Installing a colourful shower in your patio using a random pattern tile can be perfected by ensuring more colour with less plants to water. This idea is a treasure trove of lovely bits and pieces making it ideal to fabricate artistic and fun statements.

Now that you know enough about the different ideas you can indulge in, we hope you will drop by again for more!