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A Creative Fix For Your Hood

Using bathroom tiles in a bathroom is one thing but using them in a different pattern and place of your hood is another. How about you experiment and see how the final look comes out? We assure you it will be nothing less than stylish and extraordinary!

Put the focus on the floor: Herringbone style of bathroom floor tiles can be perfectly placed in a living room. It will help your space look bigger and brighter with this particular method of tile lying on the floor. Let the floor in your living room do the talking while you keep the accompanying accessories minimal in nature. Use of pastels while you lay your furniture, upholstery, and elements will be a great idea and will help the flooring shine out.

bathroom floor tiles

Get creative: Let your walk-in closet take inspiration from bathroom floor tile ideas and do the same in this particular area of your hood. Demarcate the getting-ready area with clothes cupboard with shoe cabinet using different styles and types of tiles and patterns. Be so creative that you get a chance to get featured and inspire others!

Pay attention to details: Use patterned and coloured tiles for your kitchen’s back-splash that is created to look like a piece of stunning art. Go for an Ikebana style of floral arrangement to have a new sense of feeling in the cooking mecca. Pay attention to the nitty-gritties and let the tile flow from floor to the top of the kitchen to make it look neater and well laid. This particular wall in the kitchen will create focus for everyone who enters.

Same-to-same: Make the inside of your medicine cabinet look same-to-same with a similar pattern of tiles flowing from bottom to top. Use a bright colour that will help surprise you at times.

We hope you enjoy revamping your hood with the above stated inventions. We would love to have you stop by again!

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